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Back, Forward

On and on again

Somewhere between the long blue lines

and the space given for random starts.


The last sentence of the paragraph

dictated the end of this chapter

But no one told me what happened after.

No one told me, because no one knew.

No one can because here I am,

Mid-sentence between the before

and the now.

And now? Now i don’t know,


but i am stuck in the turn of a page where the ellipsis took its place.


I’ll question what comes after,

I guess just meaningless brackets

distracting me from what really matters,

Possessive apostrophes telling me where and whom I belong to,

and hyphens linking me to something that I couldn’t expect.

So I’ll sit here, in the gap of these pages, silently, 


waiting for the full stop to arrive as I contemplate

attentively other people's stories.

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